Investor Luxembourg is an Investment Boutique and Corporate Finance House specializing in debt capital market transactions and fund structuring over a wide range of assets.

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Founded in 1998 Investor Luxembourg today assists its professional clients in setting up and funding the right structure for their business strategy over a wide range of real assets.

Our range of products consists of:


In the past Investor Luxembourg launched tailor made structures for institutional and professional investors covering for example:

Mr. Uwe Nielsen

Uwe Nielsen

Founder and Managing Director

Uwe Nielsen is the Managing Director of Investor Luxembourg S.A. and has 30 years experience in the areas of investment, wealth management and financial engeneering. He has been working in the area of renewable energies and other real assets deals for over ten years and, during this time, has carried out a wide range of private placements for professional and institutional investors.

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Luxembourg has a long-established reputation as a top global location for international companies with various business models from all sorts of sectors. Many global companies have set up their offices in Luxembourg for having access to the European market.

Luxembourg is well known for its finance industry and is one of the largest fund centers of the world. Favoured by professional investors, Luxembourg is also an international listing centre for the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

The frequently used structures for our structured real asset products are SIF, SICAR and Securitisation vehicle. These vehicles can be made to measure to cover the specific needs of a client.

A specialized investment fund (SIF) is a type of investment fund governed by the law of the13th February 2007 defining the legal framework for institutional funds. The SIF law significantly simplified the rules for setting up investment funds ranging from straight forward investment strategies investing in listed securities to hedge funds, real estate and private equity funds.

The investment company in risk capital (SICAR) is a lightly regulated, flexible and tax efficient vehicle that is specifically tailored for private equity and venture capital investments. The SICAR is subject to pre-approval and supervision of the Luxembourg regulatory authority. This vehicle offers the possibility to have separate portfolios under an umbrella structure.

Set up under the form of a limited partnership, it will be transparent for tax purposes, however, does not have access to double tax treaty benefits. Set up in corporate form the vehicle is fully subject to income tax but may benefit from an exemption of income and gains from transferable securities. It is exempt from net worth tax and will also benefit from an exemption on income derived from transit funds.

Securitisation vehicles are fully taxable, but payments made to investors are fully tax deductible. Securitisation vehicles can benefit from EU directives and double tax treaties. Under Luxembourg law, a securitisation vehicle can be set up either as a company or a fund.

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